July 2007

The following terms and conditions apply to trade and/or purchase of reptiles from
Reedy’s Reptiles (ABN 1750 600 3451)

In agreeing to trade with or purchase reptiles from Reedy’s Reptiles the customer acknowledges that they have read, understood and accept the TERMS and CONDITIONS of TRADE as displayed in Reedy’s Reptiles web site (www.reedysreptiles.com), notice of which is advised in all email correspondence from Reedy’s Reptiles related to any particular trade or purchase of reptiles.

Prior to shipment, the purchaser (hereinafter called the customer) must obtain a wildlife import permit from their relevant state/territory authority. Details of the permit, including the species, number to be purchased and the permit number must be provided to Reedy’s Reptiles.
Reedy’s Reptiles undertakes to obtain an export permit for protected wildlife from the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service, copy of which will accompany the reptiles during shipment.

Reptiles available for sale are advertised on the Reedy’s Reptiles web site (www.reedysreptiles.com) on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis and remain available only whilst stocks last. Only those reptiles advertised as being for sale are available for purchase and no claim can be made to other stock held by Reedy’s Reptiles.
Advertised prices for reptiles include GST but do not include the cost of freight which will be itemized separately when an invoice is issued to the customer.

Enquiries about advertised reptiles may be made by telephone on 0407934252 or email to [email protected].

Confirmation of an order is required in writing by email or facsimile to (08) 89723370.
Upon receipt of an order Reedy’s Reptiles will provide an invoice by email detailing the purchase price of the reptile(s) plus freight and other charges where appropriate.

On receipt of a written order from a customer, Reedy’s Reptiles will issue an invoice covering the cost of reptiles, inclusive of GST, plus freight costs to a destination nominated by the customer.
Payment in full by the date specified on the invoice may be made by cheque, money order, direct deposit or through PayPal to Reedy’s Reptiles.
Upon receipt of payment for the full invoiced amount, on or before the date specified on the invoice, Reedy’s Reptiles is obliged to supply the reptiles as detailed on the invoice and consign them in accordance with arrangements made with the customer.
Reedy’s Reptiles reserves the right to cancel the order or apply further conditions and charges if payment is not made in full by the due date specified on the invoice. Please view Purchase and Freight Information.
Reptiles subject to a cancellation will be readvertised for sale.

Live reptiles will be packaged by Reedy’s Reptiles and delivered to the Darwin depot of Australian Air Express (AAE) for shipment using AAE ‘Next Flight Service’ to the AAE depot nominated by the customer.
Prior to shipment the date, time, flight number and consignment note details for each shipment, together with the scheduled arrival time at the customer nominated AAE depot, will be provided to the customer by email or telephone.
The cost of freight is to be paid by the customer and will be itemised separately on the Reedy’s Reptiles invoice.

It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for collection of the consigned reptiles at the AAE depot which they nominated. As the consignment will be addressed to the customer as holder of the wildlife import permit it is recommended that the permit holder collects the item(s) personally from the AAE depot at the customer's nominated destination.
Customers should examine the reptiles as soon as possible after collection from the AAE depot and notify Reedy’s Reptiles, of their condition.

Every effort is taken to ensure that information provided on Reedy’s Reptiles website and in advertising is factual and up to date however, interpretation and acceptance of information provided on the website is the responsibility of the customer and others who use information from the site.

Should the customer not be satisfied with the reptiles provided Reedy’s Reptiles must be notified in writing within 48 hours of them being collected from the AAE depot.
Stock will not be replaced, nor will a refund or any form of reimbursement be given for ‘change of mind’ or if the animal is in good health and condition.
In the unlikely event that the reptile(s) die in transit or within 48 hours of arrival Reedy’s Reptiles must be advised by telephone immediately.
Deceased reptiles under these circumstances should be photographed draped mid-body over a horizontal stick with the ventral surfaces of the reptile uppermost. The reptile should be stored in a freezer and must not be disposed of until such action is agreed to by Reedy’s Reptiles.

Failure to comply with these directions will negate any claim for reimbursement by the customer.
Reedy's Reptiles offers a quarantee on the sex of the snake, this applies to snakes that are probed and if the sex is stated during the sale process. Certain reptiles, such as neonate Death Adders are sexed by visual assessment, and while we do our very best, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this.
Should the reptile not feed on the food recommended by Reedy’s Reptiles notification must be provided to Reedy’s Reptiles within 21 days of the customer receiving it for any claim to be valid.

Reedy’s Reptiles holds the right to cancel any order prior to shipment. Reedy’s Reptiles shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from a cancellation.

Reedy’s Reptiles is operated from a private facility which is not open to the public. Customers may be provided access under special circumstances or by invitation.
Public access will not be granted under any circumstances.

The TERMS and CONDITIONS of TRADE are subject to review. Customers are advised to re-acquaint themselves with the TERMS and CONDITIONS of TRADE as considered necessary.
Failure to do so places no obligation on Reedy’s Reptiles.
The TERMS and CONDITIONS of TRADE on display on the Reedy’s Reptiles website at any given time are considered to be the current version.

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