Reedy's Reptiles Ordering Process


My order process works by first of all taking your expression of interest via email. I will email you, along with other people who have orders when I get some suitable snakes in stock of your desired species. From here it is simply a matter of first in best dressed. The reason I do this is because I don't often sell some of the listed species and it eliminates the whole 'waiting in a line' process. By doing this I believe it to be a more fair and even approach to give everyone a chance at obtaining their sought after species.

I will always endeavour to fill orders as quickly as possible but due to Reedy's Reptiles strict conditions on snakes deemed suitable for sale, there may be a delay before Ican supply your order. However I hope you understand and trust me it will be worth the wait.

Snakes that do not naturally eat or easily convert to rodents or fish are sold on a direct Wild Caught Basis, they are caught, wormed, and sold non-feeding. These species are rarely sold and will only be sold to keepers with relevant experience. The reason behind it is simply because I don't have the time to convert them onto rodents. My main goal with these species to this to try and get a small number out there to people who really want them and are prepared and dedicated to put some time into them, so hopefully they can be maintained in captivity for years to come.

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