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Reedy’s Reptiles is owned and operated by David Reed in Katherine, NT, Australia. David was hooked on reptiles from a very young age and continues his passion to this very day with this successful business. Born and raised in Katherine, I have an extensive knowledge of the area and it's reptiles, and I will endeavour to help you where possible with Katherine locale animals. I hope that through this website that you can enjoy the reptiles that I have to offer and I hope to hear from you.

Reedy’s Reptiles is a commercial dealer specializing in pythons, colubrids, elapids, file snakes, geckoes and other reptiles. A relatively new business that is continuing to expand, Reedy’s Reptiles is always looking for new breeding stock or species so please feel free to contact me when you have interesting animals for sale.

Specializing in snakes, Reedy’s Reptiles can offer you both Captive Bred and Wild Caught reptiles. All animals are legally held and traded under permit/license with the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service.

Under contract to the Northern Territory Government all reptiles captured on a callout in Katherine may be retained for personal or commercial purposes. All wild caught animals that are offered for sale have been well established into captivity, having spent at least two months at my facility. Please note that no wild caught adult reptiles will be sold, only juveniles to sub-adults. Visit the Wild Caught page for more information on these reptiles.

Reedy’s Reptiles also offers captive bred animals ranging from first to multiple generation captives. These reptiles are all sold feeding and have had a minimum of two sloughs. Please visit the Captive Bred page for more information.

David Reed
Reedy’s Reptiles

Katherine, Northern Territory